Corbeau Racing 5 Point 3" Bolt-In Seat Belt Harness - Purple

$ 98.00

Corbeau Racing 5 Point 3" Bolt-In Seat Belt Harness - Purple

Corbeau Racing is a high quality brand that is sought after by all motorsports enthusiasts. After years of research and professional designing, Corbeau developed the 3 inch, 5 point harness seatbelt. One of the best looking and highest quality competition harness belts on the market. Featuring quick release technology and lightweight pull down length adjusters, the 5 pint harness is state of the art. The Corbeau harness seatbelt is SFI 16.1 approved. 



3-Inch Webbing: Military grade nylon webbing with extra strength computerized stitching.

Cam-Lock System: Chrome Cam-Lock quick release technology allows for easy disengagement with just the turn of the dial.

Bolt-In: End of the straps are equipped with a bolt, which will bolt to your mounting points.

Wrap Around: Wrap around option allows you to wrap the two rear straps around a harness bar or roll cage.

SFI Approved: This belt has been tested to meet and exceed all SFI 16.1 safety standards.

Length Adjusters: Lightweight pull down length adjusters.

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