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Golf Cart Battery Analyzer Tester and Reporting Kit

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Golf Cart Battery Analyzer Testing and Reporting Kit

Your golf cart's batteries are the most expensive maintenance item. And understanding whether you need new batteries can be tricky. With the Golf Cart Battery Analyzer, you will never have to guess again.

Do you manage a fleet of golf carts or do you provide mobile service? The Golf Cart Battery Analyzer is perfect for quickly and simply analyzing each golf cart battery pack. Provide battery analyzing as a service to your customers. 

Designed exclusively for golf carts, it features a patented, single load, dynamic resistance technology and provides accurate results every time.

Use on 6V, 8V, or 12V batteries. The analyzer prints out a test report that indicates:

  • Voltage
  • Battery Model
  • State of Battery Health
  • State of Charge
  • Date and Time

Upload test data to your PC and review or email.

The kit includes:

  • Handheld Golf Cart Battery Analyzer Unit
  • Printing Paper
  • Hard Protective Case
  • AA Battery
  • Software Installation CD for PCs
  • USB Cable
  • 12 month limited warranty

Perfect for both personal and commercial use to understand your battery pack and protect the functioning of your golf cart or fleet.