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August 24, 2018 3 min read

Your golf cart was a big investment. Some golf carts cost as much as cars, so it goes without saying that you want to maintain your golf cart to keep it looking beautiful and extend its life. Whether you drive your golf cart year-round or only during the warmer months, here are some important ways to maintain your golf cart.

Golf Cart Tire Care

How to maintain your golf cart to extend its life

You may be familiar with applying various tire cleaners on the tires sidewalls of your car, and the same principles apply with golf cart tires. Harsh weather conditions, heat or cold, can cause the rubber in golf cart tires can become dried out and even cracked.Tires with cracked or damaged sidewalls are at risk of deflating and may rupture, causing a dangerous situation.

Be cautious about the kind of tire protectant you use on your golf cart tires. Most common protectants contain silicones, oils, and solvents. If the protectant is slippery, it contains these harmful ingredients that will actually harm the tire surface. Renew Protect is the only repairing and restoring protectant guaranteed to restore your golf cart to like new condition and last for an entire year. 

Assess the condition of golf cart tires to check for proper inflation and adequate tread.

Golf Cart Battery Cleaning

How to maintain your golf cart to extend its life

Whether your golf cart is electric or only relies on a starting battery, maintaining golf cart batteries is critical. Over time, batteries corrode and become dirty, which can affect the power transferred by the battery terminals. Regular maintenance of the battery terminals extends battery life and keeps your golf cart operating optimally.

Start by wiping any grease or debris from the battery. Use battery terminal cleaner to remove any corrosion on the battery cable terminals. If you are concerned about battery output, test your golf cart batteries with a hydrometer to check the water level in the cells.

Golf Cart Wash and Protect

Golf carts, like any vehicle, require regular cleaning and proper surface maintenance. Removing accumulated dirt and debris and protecting surfaces from UV rays and harsh climates is necessary for maintaining the shiny, new appearance of your golf cart. 

Wash your golf cart with car wash soap and water and a soft tipped brush. Remember to wash and rinse the underbody of the golf cart, where dirt and corrosion can easily build up. 

Restore dull and faded plastics and gel coat with Renew Protect and prevent fading from new surfaces. Once application will last a year. 

Golf Cart Enclosures

Whether the temperature is chilly or sweltering, golf cart enclosures make the elements bearable and allow you to use your golf cart in any season. 

If you do not yet have an enclosure, the Doubletake Track Enclosure is highly recommended as an industry favorite and is available for EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, and Star golf carts. Golf cart enclosures protect the interior of your golf cart—such as your seat cushions, floor mat, and dashboard—while providing a comfortable ride for passengers.

Golf cart enclosures can be washed with gentle soap, like dish soap, and water to remove dust and dirt.

Golf Cart Seat Cushions

How to maintain your golf cart to extend its life

Golf cart seat cushions take a lot of abuse, as passengers continually get in and out of your golf cart. Cracks and tears may begin to occur with extended use. Keep seat cushions clean and maintained by regularly wiping down cushions with a protective moisturizer designed for marine grade vinyl. When seats become dried out, they tend to crack and tear.

If your seats are already cracked or faded or otherwise in a poor state of repair, it  may be time to replace them. Replacing your golf cart seat cushions has a few advantages. High quality, aftermarket seat cushions offer the following benefits:

  • Personalize your golf cart with custom color seat cushions.
  • Add comfort with upgraded, supportive cushions.
  • Upgrade seat cushions with marine grade, UV resistant vinyl.
  • Match front and rear seat cushions perfectly.


Golf Cart Windshield Cleaning

While most golf carts do not travel at high rates of speed, bugs and grime can still collect on golf cart windshields. Golf cart windshields also collect pollen and dust circulating on the course and throughout the neighborhood. It is important to clean golf cart windshields frequently and apply windshield polish and protectant. Removing minor scratches will improve vision through your windshield and keep it looking brand new. Understand what type of material your windshield is made from so that you select the appropriate cleaner. Do not use traditional glass cleaner.

Keeping your golf cart properly maintained, cleaned, and protected should be scheduled regularly to extend the life of your golf cart and maintain its value. 


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