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November 09, 2015 2 min read

Nationwide, there are roughly 15,000 golf cart accidents per year and 13,000 of those accidents require emergency room visits. About 40 percent of golf cart accidents involve children ages 16 or under. With the increased used of golf carts within communities over the past five years, accidents are on the rise. CBS Evening News is set to air a piece on golf cart accidents in The Villages community on November 22, 2015. The Villages has experienced two fatal accidents involving golf carts this year. Here are five ways that WHEELZ recommends staying safe while operating your golf cart:
  1. Do not hang your limbs outside of the golf cart. Injuries to arms and legs that are hanging out of the golf cart are reportedly one of the top five most common golf cart injuries.
  2. Never operate a golf cart while under the influence. Just like any other vehicle, golf carts are able to reach speeds that are fast enough to require quick reflexes, especially when traveling with other golf carts or sharing roadways with cars.
  3. Fasten you seat belt. Many golf cart injuries occur as the result of passengers being ejected from the cart. Installation and consistent use of seat belts is the best way to prevent this type of injury.
  4. Understand your terrain. Factory golf carts are built for use on a flat, turf golf course. If your golf cart regularly travels offroad or on trails, it is important to equip your cart accordingly with proper suspension and tires to avoid tipping and sliding.
  5. Slow down when approaching hills. Factory golf cart are not designed to travel up steep hills. Standard golf cart motors may burn up while traveling up a steep incline or may not have enough torque and the cart may begin to slide back. If you will be climbing hills in your cart, be sure to upgrade your motor with additional torque capacity.
Keeping these tips in mind and upgrading your golf cart appropriately for its actual use will help you and your family stay safe and prevent you from becoming another golf cart statistic.

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