5 Ways to Protect Your Golf Cart From Thieves

With the increase of the acceptance and use of golf carts as vehicles within communities and even towns, golf cart owners are investing more time and money into their golf carts. Several emerging communities exclusively allow golf carts to travel the roads within the community. Essentially, for many, golf carts have become the new automobiles and their owners are regarding them with the same care and flashiness. Golf carts have become a status symbol and it is not uncommon for a customized golf cart to cost $8,000 or more. As golf carts become more customized and more functional, they also are more at risk for theft. Protect your golf cart with these 5 easy theft prevention solutions.

Don't Fall Victim to Golf Cart Theft

1. Install a Theft Deterrent

Golf carts are fairly simple to steal for someone who is determined and many times, the crime is a crime of opportunity. Law enforcement estimate that a whopping 30,000 golf carts are stolen each year in the US. Eliminate the opportunity by installing a theft deterrent device. One option is an actual remote security system that easily installs with the use of your cart's battery. Another, more affordable option, is the use of a golf cart pedal lock, manufactured by the makers of the automotive club. Either of these theft prevention systems will ensure that a golf cart thief keeps moving past your custom golf cart.

Install an iTrax theft recovery device to guarantee that if your golf cart is stolen, law enforcement will be able to pinpoint the location and recover the golf cart. If your golf cart is not recovered within 30 days, iTrax will pay you a $995 benefit.

2. Store Golf Carts in Garages 

Not only can the elements begin to damage a golf cart that is stored outdoors, especially in humid climates like Florida, but outdoor storage also allow thieves to scope out your golf cart and try to determine the best opportunity to steal your precious golf cart. Protect your golf cart from weather and criminals and store it indoors, whether in your garage or a storage shed.

3. Cover It When Not in Use

Golf carts that are out of sight are less likely to be subject to theft. Using a golf cart storage cover when the cart is not in use is the ideal way to protect the cart from weather and dirt and also keep it out of the sight of potential golf cart thieves.

4. Use a Unique Starter Key

Factory golf carts all come with a generic key that is interchangeable among other carts. Changing the factory key cylinder switch and installing a unique key switch ensures that one key does not fit your golf cart. Don't believe us? Try your Club Car key on your friend's golf cart. Factory keys make stealing your custom golf cart way too easy. 

5. Install Security Lights

If you live in an RV park or mobile home community, it may not be possible to store the cart in a garage or shed. In this case, install motion security lights that are pointed at your golf cart. Consider posting a notice or stickers warning potential thieves that security measures have been installed.

WHEELZ Custom Carts understands how big of an investment your custom golf cart is and we are here to help you protect it.


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