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7 Stand-Out Golf Cart Accessories

November 09, 2022 3 min read

There are limitless options when it comes to customizing your golf cart. Little tweaks here and there can add convenience and style. Most golf cart owners don't like to do anything little, though. We have put together a list of stand-out ways to customize your golf cart when you want to make a BIG impact.

Upgrade Your Motor and Controller

The most dramatic way to increase the performance of your golf cart is to upgrade your motor and controller. Upgrading these essential components can improve acceleration, top speed, and torque. Adjustable programming allows golf cart owners to tune in their speed and torque to a setting that suits them. 

Convert to Lithium Batteries

Technological advancements in lithium batteries makes them a great upgrade choice for your golf cart. Lithium batteries are safer than lead acid batteries, deliver longer run times, and are maintenance free. In less than 30 minutes, you can convert your battery system to lithium with "Drop-In_Ready" lithium battery kits. Enjoy an 8 year warranty with an expectation of 10 years of worry-free battery power to your golf cart. 

Replace Your Golf Cart Body

If your golf cart needs a facelift, installing a new golf cart body is a great way to change the complete look and feel. Color through ABS plastic body kits are easy to install and come in more than 17 color options. Add some new LED lights and a custom grill decal and your golf cart will look brand new.

Golf Cart Body Kit

Add Custom Seat Cushions

Factory seat cushions are uncomfortable and look basic. Elevate your golf cart's comfort and appearance with a set of upgraded golf cart seat cushions. Choose from a wide variety of color combinations and cushion style. Bench seating, bucket seats, and automotive style seat cushions are all available and waiting for you. Custom stitching, embroidered logos, and piping are only a few of the custom options available when it comes to golf cart seat cushions.

 Custom Golf Cart Seats

Color Match Accessories

Customize your golf cart with your team's colors, your favorite colors, or to match your daily driver. Choose from 11 color matching colors to create a truly customized golf cart. Color match accessories such as steering wheel, fender flares, dash trim, and even wheel center caps. Color match accessories create a head-turning experience for golf cart owners.

Golf Cart Accessories

Add a Lift Kit, Wheels, and Tires

One of the most popular ways to upgrade your golf cart is to add a lift kit, wheels, and tires. Transform a basic golf cart into an off-road machine, hunting buggy, or fishing golf cart. Lift kits vary from 3" all the way up to 10" and allow added ground clearance. When beefy off-road tires are wrapped around a shiny new wheel, your golf cart takes on a different persona. With thousands of lift/wheel/tire combinations available, your golf cart will be truly custom.

 Golf Cart Accessories

Stretch It Out

Is your golf cart feeling a bit small? Maybe it is time to stretch it out. Bolt-on stretch kits turn a standard golf cart into a multi-passenger limo cart. New stretch kits include everything you need to stretch your cart out. There is no need to shop for a longer golf cart when you can use the golf cart you already have and make some modifications. 

Golf Cart Limo Stretch Kits

When your factory golf cart won't due, use these ideas to create the stand-out golf cart of your dreams.

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