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February 23, 2022 2 min read

Golfing is a sport that requires you to have all your equipment in order. From the perfect golf clubs, to the right shoes and clothes, and of course balls and tees. But there are some other essentials that any golfer should consider adding to their golf cart. A golfer can never have too many golfing accessories. These 5 essential golfing accessories will improve your game- or at least make you feel good.

1. The Answer Golf Cart Deluxe Bag Rack

If you use your golf cart for golfing and also for cruising around with the kids, The Answer is the way to have it all. This deluxe golf bag holder attaches to the rear seat kit and holds all of the accessories you need for golfing including sand and seed bottles, a cooler, a ball and club washer, and bag straps. Add versatility to your golf cart with this clever solution.

2. Golf Cart Scorecard Holder

Easily mount your scorecard to your custom steering wheel with this scorecard holder. Don't be limited by boring steering wheels because you don't want to lose access to your scorecard holder. Now you can upgrade your steering wheel and add a scorecard holder for golfing convenience. 

3. Spike Swipe Mounted Shoe Brush

Keep your golf cart floor clean while improving your footing with Spike Sweep. The brush unit mounts to your golf cart, allowing you to clean your shoe bottoms with ease between holes. Cleaner shoe bottoms means better stability.

4. Bluetooth Tunes

Great weather, a gorgeous course, and your favorite tunes- what could be better? Whether you are enjoying a leisurely round of golf or getting focused for your best 18 holes, a Bluetooth golf cart audio package will ensure that your favorite music is with you wherever you go. We recommend this DIY audio package.

5. Charging Outlet

Be prepared for a long day on the greens when you install a 12 volt outlet with USB ports in your golf cart. Charge your GPS, smart phones, tablet, or any other device using a 12 volt outlet or USB port. Easy to install, this outlet brings added convenience to your golf cart.

BONUS Golfing Accessory- Cooling Fan

During those brutally hot summer months, you may be tempted to remain indoors to stay cool. It is possible to play a round of golf without overheating when your golf cart has a cabin cooling fan. With an automotive look and feel the cabin cooling fan delivers 300 cubic feet per minute of air- perfect for cooling you down between holes.


Now that your golf cart is ready for even the longest, most challenging course, get out there and tee off.

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