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November 30, 2015 2 min read

Most golf cart enthusiasts have heard of Garia, the ultimate luxury Danish golf car manufacturer. Renown throughout the world, Garia prides itself on visionary innovation and are known to have the most comfortable and meticulously styled golf carts on the market. The only golf cart company to hand build their cars as if they were luxury automobiles, their designs includes automotive-like chassis, ergonomic cup holders, real carbon fiber, and endless customization options. 

Garia Luxury Golf Car

So, what happens when better meets best?

The only thing better than a Garia golf car is when a Garia golf cart collides with Mansory. Known for their outstanding craftsmanship, Mansory has been developing custom upgrades for luxury automotive lines since 1989. Master craftsmanship on the highest level is responsible for the Mansory reputation for high quality accessories and stylish interior fittings.

When Garia golf cars meet Mansory ingenuity, magic happens. The Garia Mansory Currus is a very limited line of custom golf cars- only seven will ever be produced. It has a genuine race car feel with genuine leather dash and carbon fiber rear body. The speed switch with three different driving modes and a lithium battery allowing for a range of up to 37 miles sets this golf car apart from any other.

Mansory Cirrus

What's the next best thing to a $75,000 golf cart?

For much less than the $75,000 price tag on the Mansory Currus, it is possible to add comfort, styling and ergonomic design to your golf cart.

Although we may never physically see a Mansory golf cart creation, we take pride in knowing that our personal cart is a reflection of our lifestyle and preferences.

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