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October 23, 2020 4 min read

Golf carts can be extremely difficult to transport, especially long distances. Once you have tricked out your golf cart, a rental golf cart will never be suitable. You may decide to transport your golf cart for a golf tournament a few states away or maybe you want to take your golf cart to a vacation property. Perhaps you purchased a new golf cart and need to have it delivered to your RV campsite. Whatever your situation may be, it may not be realistic to haul a golf cart hundreds of miles yourself. Thankfully, you can easily ship your cart. 

Steps to Arrange Your Golf Cart Shipping

When it comes time to ship your golf cart, you may not know where to start. Follow these steps for successful golf cart shipping.

1. Identify Your Two Location Points

The first step for shipping your golf cart is to identify your pick up address and your exact delivery address. Also identify the time frame for pick up and delivery and make sure that someone will be there at the time of pick up and also to receive the delivery on the other end.

2. Research Shipping Companies

Before you trust your expensive and beloved golf cart to just anyone, it is important that you research shipping companies. Make sure that any shipping company you consider is capable of shipping golf cart and that they have a good reputation. Customer service and safe, secure shipping are important when entrusting your golf cart to a shipping company. Check the shipping company's website and if it doesn't mention golf cart shipping, give them a call to find out.

3. Check the Reviews

During your research into a shipping company’s reputation, use websites like Google and TransportReviews.com to learn about reactions from past shipping clients. Each of those sites rank shipping businesses based on a scale of five-stars. You will be able to read detailed customer experiences on each of these sites. It is not advisable to ship your golf cart with any company that has less than three stars on either site. 

Scheduling and Booking Golf Cart Shipping

For the most part, transporting a traditional vehicle from one coast of the US to the other takes about three weeks from pick up until drop off. If it is a shorter shipment of just a couple hundred miles, it may only take about ten days. Although, with special shipments like golf carts, expect the timing to be about three weeks.

The rationale behind this is that there are fewer vehicle carriers that are equipped to transport something non-traditional, like a golf cart. Because of this, shippers will need to make additional stops to pick up other specialty vehicles like motorcycles and scooters in order to complete their load.

Book your golf cart shipment at least a month in advance of when you need it to be picked up. If you can plan for pick up at least two months ahead of when you need it delivered, you will have a better chance of meeting your deadlines. When your cart is picked up and delivered, you may not be provided exact dates for either. Instead, there will be what is called a “shipping window." This means that your cart will both be picked up within a window of three days and will be delivered within a period of about three days. If you need your golf cart transported somewhere by a specific date, including for a tournament, plan ahead and book the shipment so that it is dropped off early.

Preparation for Golf Cart Shipment


When it comes to shipping a golf cart, preparing for the shipment will require a few important details.

There are some straightforward reasons for the different steps of preparation.

  • First, remove personal items, like sunglasses or gloves, from the golf cart because these things will not be covered by the vehicle shipping insurance.
  • Clean the golf cart because there will be a visual inspection conducted by the transport driver and if it is dirty, this will take more time.
  • Take pictures of the golf cart right before it gets picked up so you will have a record of the cart’s condition in the event that damage occurs during shipping.

How Much Does Golf Cart Shipping Cost?

The price of shipping your golf cart will depend on various factors. These variables include:

  • Distance that you golf cart is being shipped
  • The time of year you are shipping
  • The price of fuel at the time of shipping

To keep the expense of shipping your golf cart affordable, there are a couple of things that you can do. You can transport your golf cart during the least busy period of the year, which is the late fall through early spring. You can also schedule your transport far in advance, at least eight weeks. Finally, you can always comparison shop by obtaining free quotes from multiple vehicle shipping businesses.

Now that you have all of the details about shipping your golf cart, start planning that trip or purchase.


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