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June 22, 2021 2 min read

As the golf cart industry grows at an astonishing pace, emerging concerns about safety risks are showing up more often. Golf carts are convenient and economical. They are becoming a popular form of transportation at hospitals, airports, and in planned communities around the world. Most golf carts found in neighborhoods are electric and are powered by lead acid batteries. When charged, lead acid batteries emit a small amount of hydrogen, which is a flammable gas. Overcharging lead acid batteries causes the water inside of them to evaporate and leaves a dry, hot, volatile battery that could easily burst into flames. 

What Is An Intelligent Golf Cart Battery Charger?

New technology has addressed some of the safety hazards associated with charging your lead acid batteries. If your golf cart was manufactured before 2015, you likely have an outdated battery charger. Upgrading your battery charger to an intelligent charger will prolong the life of your batteries and offer new safety features.

Lester Battery Charger

We love the Lester Summit II Series line of golf cart battery chargers. Lester is a worldwide leader in designing battery chargers. An older Lester battery charger may have come with your golf cart, but the recent safety advances they have made are well-worth the expense to upgrade to a newer model. When you upgrade to an intelligent golf cart battery charger, like the Lester Summit II, you will experience the following benefits:

Winter storage mode. If you only use your golf cart a few times each month or leave it unattended for months, winter storage mode helps prolong the life of your batteries and trickle charges them safely. The intelligent technology logs and analyzes usage and battery charge levels to optimize the charge cycle.

Intelligent natural convection cooling. When water and debris gets into a battery charger, it can cause the charger to short circuit and cause other malfunctions. Intelligent chargers use a natural convection cooling system, built without a fan. This allows them to be sealed from the elements and operate in a wide range of temperatures.

Battery temperature sensor and remote LEDs. The upgraded golf cart battery chargers have temperature sensors that will alert you through an app if your battery pack is overheating. This reduces the risk of lead acid battery fires. 

Bluetooth Smart wireless communication. Intelligent golf cart battery chargers are equipped with apps that are easily accessed through a smart phone. The app dashboard displays a number of profiles that provide information about the battery pack, including essential safety information. If there is a safety concern, you can disconnect the charger using the app.

Here is a link to the user manual for the Lester Summit II app that includes all of the features and a usage guide.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Golf Cart Battery Charger?

You may be thinking that your current golf cart battery charger is working just fine. Why would you invest in a new charger? The answer is simple- safety.

Golf cart batteries and faulty chargers are responsible for hundreds of house and commercial fires every year. Intelligent charger technology help to mitigate the risks of lead acid battery fires.

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