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May 09, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment

Do you suffer from golf cart embarrassment when you are in your neighborhood, golf course, or RV park? If it seems as if everyone's golf cart looks nicer than yours, there is a way to fix that, even on a budget. 

Batteries Need Replacement?

Many local battery suppliers will issue a credit for any "core" batteries that are traded at the time of the new battery purchase. At the current time, battery suppliers are issuing credit for anywhere from $10-$20 per golf cart battery. Suppliers do not care what condition the batteries are in or if they hold a charge. Battery suppliers recycle the batteries for the lead content.

Don't forget about car or lawn mower batteries. Many times, suppliers will issue credit for $2-$5 for these batteries. If you have access to old batteries, collect them to pay for your new golf cart batteries. Offer to remove them from the properties of friends and neighbors and watch your new golf cart battery credit grow. 

Do you need to order batteries online and are unable to trade in your old core batteries? No problem! List the core batteries on Craigslist and watch the battery recyclers come calling with cash in hand. 

Build a Custom Golf Cart on a Budget

Need Parts to Repair Your Cart?

When hard parts get worn out and fail to function properly, replacement parts can be pricey. Keep your eyes open for scrap golf carts that can be found at garage sales and on Craigslist. Many times, purchasing a scrap cart to use for parts may be a less expensive way to repair your golf cart. Be sure to inspect the cart thoroughly to ensure that the parts that you need are intact and in working order.

Another way to score replacement parts for cheap is to check out theCloseout section of golf cart parts dealers. Many times returns and overstocks force golf cart parts suppliers to offer heavily discounted prices for parts.

Is Your Golf Cart Ugly?

Golf carts can be expensive to purchase and to maintain. Many times adding the cosmetic parts, like seat cushions, wheels and tires, dashes, and stereos is cost prohibitive. In order to keep up with the neighbors' carts, watch forsales offered from online suppliers. Another option is to get a few friends together andpurchase parts in bulk to receive discounted pricing. Of course,starting small and saving for larger add ons is always an option, too.

Do you have an idea for how to save money on golf cart improvements? Email them to Julie@wheelzllc.com and we will publish them in an upcomingblog post

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Charlie Long
Charlie Long

October 19, 2018

I am still trying to find and 1980 model for my project. Dosent have to look or even run,beause it a project

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