Pros & Cons: Club Car vs. EZGO Golf Carts

With the increasing rise of golf carts being used for recreation, transportation, and hunting, it is safe to say that golf carts are not just for golfing anymore.

So, when shopping for your golf cart, how do you decide which brand is right for you? Club Car and EZGO are the two most popular golf cart manufacturers and are both American products. Deciding between the two means identifying the model that fits your lifestyle and delivers the maximum performance, style, and durability that you expect.

What is the primary use?

The uses for golf carts are practically limitless. From running around the neighborhood, hauling trash or equipment, doing yard work, hunting, to of course, golfing, golf carts are versatile. Understanding how your cart will be used primarily is the first step towards choosing the perfect cart. 

One of the most important things to consider is the amperage of the golf cart controller, which largely drives performance and produces the torque and speed of the cart.  The more amps, the more torque. Keep in mind that battery life is affected by performance controllers.

EZGO – The Rugged, Affordable Cart

EZGO Golf Cart


The first EZGO golf cart was introduced in 1954. Known to be some of the most rugged vehicles on the market today, Bad Boy Buggies use an EZGO style frame for their hunting carts. One of the primary benefits of choosing an EZGO is the reputation for being durable.

EZGO’s are well designed, have a steel frame, and are very durable. EZGO replacement and aftermarket parts are fairly inexpensive and easy to come by. The EZGO has a smooth ride and have plenty of options and upgrades to turn a basic cart into the electric vehicle you need. Built with quality materials, EZGOs are also known to be easy to maintain.

EZGO golf carts are available in electric or gas powered models. 


  • Offers models with Series motors and PDS set ups. Series are the best set-up for future upgrades and PDS is the technology of the future and s programmable.
  • EZGO’s are well designed.
  • EZGOs are constructed with a durable, steel frame.
  • Replacement parts and upgrades are fairly inexpensive and available.
  • Smooth ride.


  • They are constructed with a steel frame, which quickly erodes in Southern, humid states or coastal areas.
  • EZGOs do not perform as well on hilly terrain or with heavy loads unless controller and cables are upgraded.
  • Older EZGO carts were built with GE Motors that are not known to perform well.
  • The forward / reverse shifter is short and many users complain. Luckily, there is a fix.

CLUB CAR – Quality In The Details

Club Car has been a leader in quality, innovative golf carts since the 1950's. They pride themselves in a corporate environment that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Club Car golf carts are designed with the most innovative and useful features on the market which are routinely included as standard equipment. Their aluminum style frame guarantees against rust and provides lightweight durability. Club Car golf carts utilize improved power for uphill driving as well as enhancements to the speed controls, balancing speed and torque. Offering a variety of models, including two, four, six, and eight seaters, Club Car offers something for everyone.

Club Car offers industry related golf carts catering to Golf Hospitality, Turf Industries, and Transportation. Both electric and gas models are popular. 


  • Club Cars are great for hunting vehicles and require very few upgrades to hit the woods.
  • They handle well on hilly terrain.
  • They offer power in various terrains.
  • Club Car golf carts are known for high quality steering.
  • The stock motors are high quality and run strong.
  • Club Car comes standard with a light weight aluminum frame that will not rust.
  • They offer smooth suspension systems.
  • Club Car golf carts, when well maintained, will last for over twenty years.
  • Parts are readily available.


  • Club Car owners experience issues with the clutch on gas models
  • Parts tend to be a bit more expensive than their counterparts.
  • Club Cars can put more of a drain on batteries than their competitors.

Once you have decided which features are the most important, consider the pros and cons of each and commit to a decision. No matter which cart you choose, you are sure to be pleased.

 WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories has been a leading provide of golf cart parts and accessories since 2008. 


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  • Julie says...

    That is a great question. Yamaha has been known as the 3rd wheel for a long time and aftermarket parts have been harder to find and more expensive. However, with the newer DRIVE models, they are being added increasingly to golf course fleets and are gaining more popularity and respect. They also have a steel frame, like EZGO, but Yamaha has added a powder coated finish to slow down the rust. I will work on publishing a new blog post addressing the pros and cons of Yamaha. Thanks for the comment.

    May 09, 2017

  • Dan says...

    Being new to the electric cart scene, where does Yamaha fit in compared to the other two mentioned in this article? Thanks!

    May 08, 2017

  • Julie says...

    Hi Bob,

    That is a great point. In our experience, neither EZGO nor Club Car golf carts have glaring issues with front ends, etc. Depending on how you drive them and on what type of terrain, the steering may become loose and front ends may require rebuild kits. Kits for both are available. We have found that such issues are a bit easier to repair on a Club Car and complete rebuild kits are pretty easy to find for them.

    March 15, 2017

  • bob says...

    helpfull information,but wanted more pros and cons on front end shocks and steering,anything else that needs to be consider

    February 03, 2017

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