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November 10, 2021 3 min read

The factory golf cart seat cushions that come with your golf cart can be terribly uncomfortable not to mention boring. Custom golf cart seat cushions can make a big difference in the comfort of golf cart owners. Whether you're just cruising around the neighborhood or playing an 18 hole round, having a comfortable seat will make your golf cart much more enjoyable. This blog post will discuss some of the benefits of upgrading your factory golf cart seat cushions to improve comfort, appearance, and overall satisfaction.


Most golf carts have simple bench seating with a standard round or square design. Unfortunately, these seats are not well suited for long-term comfort while driving your golf cart. They can be stiff and unforgiving which quickly becomes an issue during extended outings when your muscles begin to fatigue from sitting in the same position for hours at a time. Factory seat cushions have stiff, standard foam- not very comfortable.

If you find your stock factory golf cart seats to be uncomfortable, consider upgrading to a bucket style seat cushion with high quality foam. We recommend Suite Seats for the utmost in golf cart seat comfort. Suite seats feature thick marine grade foam that is designed to support your body and offer long-term comfort. For a true automotive feel opt for the Suite Seats Touring Edition which features integrated headrest and movable armrests. 



Factory golf cart cushions look plain. Everyone has the same color schemes and shape. If you are ready to take your golf cart seat cushions to the next level, consider adding flair with color-matching seats. With Suite Seats you can select from 1600 standard two tone color combinations to match any golf cart interior design perfectly. Additional customization is available through a number of stitching options. They are also available in leather materials for added luxury and comfort during long trips around the golf course. The automotive styling is gorgeous and you will be the envy of your neighbors.

If you are looking for a more economical golf cart seat cushion that still pops with color and style, DoubleTake has become a well-known brand. With thicker, softer foam than factory cushions, these seats are a great option. Although not fully custom, choose from 5 styles each with color options to match your golf cart.


Aftermarket golf cart seat cushions are more durable. The foam is thicker, which makes it more comfortable and durable than factory golf cart seat cushions. Seat cushions manufacturers like Doubletake, Red Hawk, and Suite Seats use upgraded foam that is mildew resistant and marine-grade vinyl. You will notice that color fading and weather damage is not an issue like it is for factory seat cushions.

If you would love to upgrade your factory golf cart seat cushions but are afraid they will be difficult to install- no need to worry. The seat cushions come complete with hardware and instructions. They bolt on directly for a quick and easy replacement option.

Upgrading your golf cart seat cushions is an important improvement for any golf cart. If you would love more information about which golf cart seat cushion upgrade is best for you, email us at service@wheelzllc.com and we are happy to help. Wheelz offers golf cart seats for Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha golf carts.

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