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June 22, 2021 3 min read

Find the perfect golf cart gift for Dad

Whether you are looking for a way to celebrate your dad for Father's Day, a birthday, or another special occasion, golf cart accessories are sure to excite. If your father owns a golf cart, he undoubtedly has a long wish list of golf cart gear. Help him add a few bells and whistles to his golf cart with this list of best-selling golf cart gifts.

1. Rear Seat Kit Armrests with Cupholders

Don't leave your passengers without a place to rest their drinks. These padded armrests with cupholders are the perfect addition to any rear seat kit. Color match them to your golf cart for some added flair that also offers convenience.

 Armrest with Cup Holders

2. Club Clean Spike Swipe

Is your father a golfer? If so, he will love improving his golf game with sure footing on the course and less mess in his golf cart. Spike Swipe mounts to your golf cart and provides a convenient and effective brush to clean his golfing shoe bottoms while on the greens.

Club Clean Spike Swipe

3. Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Ditch the boring factory steering wheel and add simple style to your golf cart. Steering wheels offered in assortment of colors and styles will make Dad's golf cart stand out in the crowd. Golf cart steering wheels are simple to install and make for an ideal, affordable golf cart gift idea.

DoubleTake Pilot Steering Wheel

4. The Answer Golf Bag Rack

One of our most innovative products, The Answer has it all. The complete bag rack system makes use of the rear seat kit to seamlessly mount two bags, two sand and seed bottles, a ball and club washer, a security ring to keep bags in place, and a cooler with a mounting bracket. Your dad will thank you for this gift.

The Answer Golf Bag Attachment

5. Golf Cart Tunes

Does your father need some tunes in his golf cart? From overhead radio consoles to in-dash receivers and even standalone audio pods, you have options. Our pre-installed consoles are a customer favorite and are highly recommended. All units include Bluetooth compatibility for the tech-savvy pops out there.

Dash with Speakers

6. Golf Cart Storage Cover

Your dad loves his golf cart, so help him protect it from the elements. This golf cart storage cover is easy to put on and take off and has an elastic bottom to prevent it from blowing off in the wind. It is made of high-quality material that protects golf carts from UV rays, dust and debris, rain, and other damaging weather. Using a golf cart enclosure is the easiest way to protect your golf cart and ensure its beauty for years to come.

Golf Cart Storage Cover

7. Golf Cart Battery Charger

If your father has been putting off replacing his battery charger, now is the time to surprise him. Old or malfunctioning battery chargers can damage golf cart batteries and can even be a fire hazard. The latest golf cart battery chargers offer cool features including Bluetooth connectivity and app monitoring. Choose from a selection of battery chargers and get his golf cart back on the road.

Lester Battery Charger 

8. Custom Golf Cart Seat Cushions

Factory seat cushions can quickly get uncomfortable. With all of the seat cushion upgrade options on the market, it is time for your dad to ride in style. Suite Seats are our personal favorites with automotive styling and unmatched high-quality details. If Suite Seats are a bit outside of your budget, no problem! Doubletake replacement cushions are super comfy and come in a large assortment of colors and styles. 

Suite Seats

9. Golf Cart Dash Kit

No golf cart is complete without an upgraded dash kit. Choose from black, carbon fiber, wood grain, or a number of bright colors to add some flair. Most golf cart dashes come with a locking glove box, adding a secure place to store personal items. Choose from a selection of styles and colors to gift the perfect golf cart dash to your dad.

Custom Dash

10. Gift Cards

If you still can't decide which golf cart accessory would be the best gift for your dad, a WHEELZ gift card is always a safe option.

Any of these golf cart gifts for dad are sure to make you the favorite child!

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